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Michael Ferguson | September 27, 2014

"[Powerlifting's] steady growth seems to be a worldwide trend and has meant that IOC recognition is now more viable than it ever was before. The IPF has been working towards recognition for around fifteen years now...There is lots of good evidence of the 'Quest'...but still no cigar."

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Marty Gallagher | March 22, 2013

"[A]t a recent power competition in my neighborhood, Columbia, Maryland, an upscale community and hardly a strength hotbed, the local promoter cut entries off at 100. He filled up his quota within 30 days. He then turned away another 100 lifters that had waited too long to sign up."

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Bill Starr | August 07, 2012

"We used trial and error to determine the best way to clean, press, snatch, and jerk. Then we did everything in our power to get stronger because we all learned early-on that, regardless of how rough our form was on a lift, it always improved as our overall strength improved."

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Bill Starr | October 27, 2011

"For a competitive athlete to continuously improve in any sport, he must test himself against others on a regular basis. Not just at contests, but in training sessions as well...The small weight room had a record board where the top lifts in all the classes were recorded plus one column for the best overall lifter according to the Hoffman formula. The bets were for cartons of milk, which could be purchased from a vending machine in the lobby of the Y for a dime."

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Myles Kantor | April 26, 2011

"A periodic topic in powerlifting discussions is the addition of the sport to the Olympic Games.  Through the International Powerlifting Federation (hereafter the IPF), powerlifting is part of the World Games, which operates “under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.”  For some powerlifters, Olympic inclusion is a long-sought dream that would mean great things.  In this article, I will discuss why IOC recognition would likely have horrible consequences for powerlifting."

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