Jim Moser | July 27, 2011

"I compared our lifters to the first place finishers of last year’s World and Pan American Championships. The Olympic Games are right around the corner. The upcoming Pan Am and World Championships are qualifier meets for Olympic slots. It is important that our lifters do well at these events. Our results in these events will determine the representation of the USA at the upcoming Olympics."

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Gillian Mounsey Ward | July 23, 2011

"Society rewarded me for this very unhealthy body – photographers wanted to shoot me, manufacturers wanted me to wear their clothes, and supplement companies wanted me to push their products. Once again the paradox: looking “great” while performing poorly."

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Bill Starr | July 04, 2011

"The split snatch is one of those exercises that’s rather easy to learn yet hard to master. But to derive benefits from doing them, all you have to do is learn how to do them correctly. They’re one of the best exercises in weight training for athletes."

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Bill Starr | June 08, 2011

"Getting stronger is an advantage to anyone at any age, but particularly so for youngsters. It can completely change their conception of themselves, and this attitude will carry over to all the other endeavors they take part in as well."

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Bill Starr | May 24, 2011

"When we finally pulled to a stop in downtown Philadelphia, my knuckles were white and my sphincter had chewed off all the buttons on the passenger seat. I was in a daze. Hoffman checked his watch, smiled and said proudly, 'Made good time.'"

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