Bill Starr | May 26, 2010

"[S]ince the overhead press fell from grace, I’ve never seen anyone press 75 pounds over bodyweight, or very few, for that matter, who could even handle bodyweight. Yet I know it can be done because I saw it done countless times and did it myself. It’s simply of matter of putting in the necessary work in the weight room."

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Bill Starr | April 15, 2010

" do not need a coach to teach you this lift. I know this because I taught myself, as did nearly every lifter I trained and competed with. It can be done if the will to do so is there. If I could do it, so can you. I am certainly not a prodigy, not by a long shot. Every gain I made was through sweat and determination – trying a different method, failing, regrouping, trying something else until I found what worked, and then drilling until my technique improved."

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Gary Gibson | March 31, 2010

"I recently competed in my third powerlifting meet, exactly one year to the day after my very first meet. I thought the one year mark of my nascent competitive career would be a grand time to look back and give serious thought to what I’d been doing. The great thing about powerlifting is that it is so easy to measure progress. You can’t lie to yourself because the numbers are right there to keep you honest. Do I weigh more this year than last? Is my total higher in the same amount and kind of gear? Simple."

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