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Mark Rippetoe | December 27, 2016

Continuing the seminar Q&A from the Starting Strength Seminar held at WFAC in December 2016.  Rip answers questions about training frequency for older clients, what books every person should read, how to specialize in the press, and why conventional wisdom still dictates that "doing cardio" is the only way to get a good score on a military/police PT test.

Mark Rippetoe | December 20, 2016

In Ask Rip #38, Rip discusses the Texas Method for old guys, considerations for training with joint replacements, the mysteries of strength and conditioning, and the result of adding conditioning work in the early phases of training advancement.

Mark Rippetoe | December 13, 2016

Mark Rippetoe answers questions during the Starting Strength Seminar Q&A at Wichita Falls Athletic Club in December 2016. In this episode, Rip discusses neuromuscular efficiency and it's effect on the stretch reflex, the "X" factor with regards to your training environment, Carroll Smith's books, and why going to Canada sucks.

Mark Rippetoe with Matt Reynolds | December 06, 2016

Mark Rippetoe and Matt Reynolds discuss a new remote coaching service from Starting Strength, why online coaching is viable due to limited access to SSCs, how progress is made without real-time coaching, and the process of working with a Starting Strength Coach using Starting Strength Online Coaching.

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