Starting Strength Weekly Report

Under the Bar Contest

Each month a drawing will be held to select a winner from the reader-submitted images used in that month's newsletters. Show us your/your friends'/your trainees' barbell lifts. Winners are announced each month in the Report.

Prize: Your choice of Starting Strength mug or t-shirt or official App from our Aasgaard Company Store

How to Enter

Send eligible image, caption, and photo owner name to

Image Requirements
  1. Minimum 1200px width, landscape (wide) orientation. More is better.
  2. Photographs must be in color and in focus.
  3. The image must be your own content or used with specific permission by the creator.
  4. You must provide the full name of the photo owner to be posted with the image.

How to claim your prize

Winners must contact to select their prize and provide a shipping address.

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Starting Strength Weekly Report

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Under the Bar Contest

Enter to win shirts & mugs.