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Thread: Chrome version (54.0.2840.59 m (64-bit) Workaround

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    Default Chrome version (54.0.2840.59 m (64-bit) Workaround

    Chrome version (54.0.2840.59 m (64-bit) causes weird behaviour when posting replies. It trims space as you type while in WYSIWYG editor mode, so it appears that your space bar is not working.

    Current workaround is to switch from WYSIWYG editor mode to Source mode. You can do this with the upper left button in the reply area:

    If you're not sure what mode you're in, hover over this button to see the tooltip popup. If you're in Source you'll see "Switch Editor to WYSIWYG Mode" and if you're in WYSIWYG mode you'll see "Switch Editor to Source Mode." It's easy to toggle between the two.

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    Another work around in the WYSIWYG editor mode is to;
    1) type in any character (except space)
    2) tap the left arrow button
    3) type away your post
    4) once done, delete the random character you typed in step 1

    In short, it ignores space-bar taps only when no character(s) exist after the cursor. Weird issue but this is how I work around it.

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