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Thread: Squat Mechanics: A Clarification

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    Default Squat Mechanics: A Clarification

    by Mark Rippetoe

    Every seminar we hold is attended by people who have read the book, who have been training with the material for various lengths of time, and who are interested enough in what we have to say that they have paid money to hear it from us directly. Yet every Saturday morning’s squat session on the platform involves deprogramming the too-vertical back angle of essentially everybody who attends. Almost everybody. Why?

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    Look, Rip, you've certainly made an impact in the entire world with starting strength. It changed my life as I was studying to become a personal trainer. But there is an inherent fallacy by repeating the low bar, low chest squat is superior in all aspects. Below I've linked most of the world's raw squat record holders

    Ray Williams Squatting 1052 (477.5kg) // World Record // Arnold Classic 2017 - YouTube

    Eric Lilliebridge - 914 lb Raw Squat, No Knee Wraps @ 306 lbs (415@138.8 kgs) - YouTube

    Dennis Cornelius - 821 lb Raw Squat, no Wraps @ 270 lbs - YouTube

    Amit Sapir Sets World Record in Raw Squat - YouTube

    Alexey Nikulin 82,5 kg All-Time Record Squat 345kg/760lbs - YouTube

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    One of the most fundamental logic errors is that of correlation/cause and effect confusion.

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    Prior to 1965, every collegiate and Olympic high jumper used the straddle method. It's a good thing that Dick Fosbury didn't think "every champion now is doing it" was an argument in favor of the method.

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