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Thread: Manveer Gets Competitive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric K View Post
    Sorry. Forum weirdness. Great work regardless.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris McCarthy View Post
    Based on that video evidence alone I doubt you'd get any whites in USAPL...vids can of course be deceiving but that's my two pennys.

    Only one Beer?

    Shame on you.
    Second and third reps were a little deeper. Black shirt makes it harder to tell, but yeah, needs to be a bit deeper.

    Quote Originally Posted by raivyne View Post
    I apologize if you've already answered this a million times; I've not been keeping up with logs until recently... which heart rate monitor do you use for TRAC? Or do you use one at all? I have a fitbit w/a HR monitor, but IDK if wrist monitors are sufficient. I've been considering buying the monthly subscription and using it for informational purposes. How are you liking it?
    You don't need a HR monitor for TRAC. Also, TRAC is free now.

    Quote Originally Posted by allent View Post
    I was actually just thinking about asking about your meet schedule last night while scrolling through IG and my wife asked me if I had signed up for any meets.
    Might not do it. In laws might be in town that weekend.

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    That's good to know! Thanks

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