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Thread: Spartan Race this Saturday...lift my normal SS workout tomorrow or lighter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrongLiftMyBalls View Post
    The video says the distances are 3,8, 13 and 26 miles. Which are you doing?
    I'm doing a military sprint. Its at Fort Carson base and it's 5miles long. I got the email yesterday with the details.

    Because that's how retarded you sound.
    Dude. I just asked about the training. I'm not a total unconditioned fat ass. I've been squatting months but never progressed because of form and just being a general idiot. Not anymore though.

    Thanks for taking the time to type that useless statement anyway.

    Everyone else, thanks for the replies.

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    Only you know how badly the race will affect you. If you're not used to long distances and obstacles, I'd skip the lifting. If it turns out to be easy for you, then you'll know for next time that it's okay to lift prior.

    Quote Originally Posted by poppunk View Post
    I don't understand this race. If you want to be a badass, you should put on your MOPP gear, get your ruck on, and go 20 miles without stopping.
    The two things have nothing to do with each other. Apparently you aren't capable of understanding why someone would want to challenge themselves physically while having fun doing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by algunos hombre View Post
    Srsly considering your stated level of conditioning and training, this looks like a remarkably stupid goddam event to participate in.
    And what do you know of his level of conditioing and training? What exactly looks "stupid" about this event? I personally think it looks like a lot of fun and I hope to get to run one someday.

    Because that's how retarded you sound.
    The ignorance you're spewing is the only thing that sounds retarded in this thread.

    He asked a perfectly legitimate question.

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