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Thread: Lou's Post Shoulder Surgery Log

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    CUT PHASE #2, WEEK #7
    DAY #2 OF LEGS

    the last 2 days the DOMS have been brutal. could hardly walk up and down stairs from Monday's leg day. I woke up this morning with a lot of soreness but not as intense as yesterday. I debated over whether I should skip legs today and push them to tomorrow. I printed out 2 workouts this morning, legs and chest/back. I brought my safety squat bar in the gym and racked it. I started my warmup with a set of 20 reps with just the bar and did a few sets of leg curls to warmup my hams. quads were already smoking. Put 95lbs on the bar and squatted for 15. the 155 for 20. Now I'm good to go and pumped to finish this squat session.
    I did reduce the volume i would normally do by only doing squats and leg press. I did BLDL, but the quad involvement is not a big deal or limiting factor. I finished up with a HITT, which proved to be harder than the fucking squats. My quads were exhausted.
    Last thing, I increased the weight on each set of squats by 5lbs from previous session. I think I will keep this format of 20,15,10,8,6 and keep increasing the weights each set. this way I am getting stronger across the wide rep range. periodically, I will do a maximum effort squat session just to provide some muscle confusion.

    THURSDAY day #2 legs sets reps wt notes
    leg curls 4 12 90 warm up hams
    squats 6 20,15,10,8,6,6 155,175,195,215, 235,235
    ss leg press 4 20 180
    leg curls 4 12 90 1/14
    BLDL 3 8 265, 265, 265 45 sec intraset rest
    ss standing calf raise 5 12 160 flex at top
    seated calf raise 5 12 70
    aBS- SUPERMANS 3 F (25,12,8)

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    Cut Phase #2, Week #7
    Day #2 of Chest/Back

    I opted not to do any chest work today, surgical surgery was cranky the past few days so I decided to devote this session to all back. No supersets, strick 45 second intraset rest. Do a few lifts I haven't done in awhile to target some weak areas.
    On the DB prone rows, I started with 40lbs x 12, than 30 x12, 20 x F (no rest) = 1 set. I found that by lifting the DB's back like I am going to put the DB's in my pocket (hip), as opposed to just bending at the elbow, I can hit the lats. at the same time squeezing my shoulder together.

    FRIDAY Day #2 back sets reps wt notes
    PULLUPS/Chinups (weight assisted) 4 12 60 first 2 sets wide grip pullups, last 2 sets close grip chin ups
    incline prone db rows 4 12 use 3 db's 40,30,20 lbs db's, squeezed shoulders hard every rep
    wide grip seated supinated cable rows 4 12
    prone incline BB row 4 12 95 set up on an incline
    2 handle neutral grip pull downs 4 12 90
    1 arm meadows row 4 12 35
    Standing DB Shrugs 4 12 75 squeeze pause
    Incline DB shrugs 4 15 40 squeeze pause
    seated cable shrugs 1 f 80
    40 minute mod cardio

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