HLM Week 14 - 2ct. Paused Bench

2ct. Paused Bench (90s rest):
- 145x4@RPE 6?
- 155x4@RPE 7?
- 162.5x4@RPE ~8
- 170x4@RPE 9
- 170x4@RPE 9.5 (technique issues last rep)
- 165x4@RPE 9

EZ rev curls w/fgz 32.5 4x12 (no forearm pain today)
grip work

P. Bench - Had energy for more working sets, but want to see if my next bench session feels better. Trying out slightly less volume on each bench day.
Grip work - still using really light weights for this. My wrists are fine with plate pinches, wrist curls and ez rev curls, but not ok with rev wrist curls. My wrists snap and pop like crazy with rev wrist curls, and they kind of hurt.

Eyeball looks nasty today, like I have pink eye or something. Hopefully popping blood vessels in my eyeballs isn't going to be a regular occurrence on heavy squat day.