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Thread: New Weightlifting Club in Manhattan

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    Default New Weightlifting Club in Manhattan

    Hi Mark,

    If you want to move this to a more appropriate forum, by all means, but I'm just letting everyone in the 5 boroughs (or further, you're welcome to make the trip) that my friend has outfitted a pre-existing gym space with:

    2 platforms
    2 competition Eleiko bars
    350kg + worth of bumpers
    Squat stands
    We also have a custom made, wooden strongman log on the way
    We'll be adding equipment as well

    The gym is Complete Body and Spa on 19th street between 5th and 6th ave. It's a black iron gym with racks, benches, an abundance of bars, heavy DB's, round plates, and even a GHR.

    You'll have to pay a normal monthly gym fee, plus the monthly club fee, which is $50. This goes toward footing the bill for the equipment.

    You'll likely wind up paying between $100-$120 total a month depending on what you can work out with the gym owners.

    We've also fortunate enough to have a high level Russian lifter (who competes in America) come through once a week or so, who helps with technique and lifts serious weight as well.

    I just want to make it clear that we are not a business. We're a group of lifters who welcome anyone who trains hard and wants to learn about weightlifting. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. We're aware of the horrendous prices one can end up paying when seeking out Crossfit boxes in the city to Olympic lift.

    We won't tell you what to do, we won't force you to do a program. As long as you're respectful to the gym, to the equipment, and most importantly, to your fellow lifters, you're free to do as you please.

    If anyone in the NYC area is interested, PM me for further details about club fees and who to contact.

    We'll have a website up soon called Manhattan Weightlifting, same name as the club, where you'll be able to find more info.

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    I think this is a worthwhile post. It will help quite a few people.

    Starting Strength Seminars

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    Thanks a lot Rip. The first draft of the website is up:

    My friend Jon is currently revising it, but all the important info is available.

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    This is a potentially good situation. When I last checked the place out In Feb or March of this year, there were some bumpers but no adequately spinning bars (just the standard cheap gym barbells) and no platform. There were also only two racks, making the chance that you'd show up and have to wait for one to open up fairly high. I'd be interested to know if that situation has or will be improved as well. Squat stands are OK for certain things, but a sub-par choice for heavy low bar back squats. Will there be bars good for heavy squatting and pulling?

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    There are two half racks, which have catches that might be too high depending on how tall you are/low you squat. But they do have a real cage with adjustable pins, only one. The place has not been too busy the times we've gone.

    Some of the bars the gym has are good for training the slow lifts, and we have a Rogue oly bar that feels good to pull with. I found several bars there with solid knurling and of normal diameter.

    We also placed anti-friction pieces in the squat stand uprights, so we can use the oly bar if need be without rubbing away the knurling. But we'll try not to do that.

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    This sounds amazing. PMing you.

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    Is this the group of guys from Synergy?

    If it is, tell Jon I miss that damn rogue bar already. And good luck.

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    What is your price for walk ins?

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    This indeed the Synergy group, and Jon probably doesn't give a damn that you miss it.

    Come stop by sometime, Harry.

    Peter: We're working that out right now, so I don't want to give any exact numbers. It will be posted on the site soon.

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    NOTE: The contact page of the site isn't completed, sorry for the confusion. For now, send inquiries to:

    Leave your name, email, phone number, and a very brief overview of your lifting experience, as well as what you're looking for when you join up.

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