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    Hi Mark,

    I know you were a competitive powerlifter so I had a couple of questions about powerlifting.

    1)What was the most productive program you ever used? Did you use alot of volume or was it low volume, high intensity?

    2)Did you use the Power Clean as an acessory movement?

    3) Did you use shoes with a heel?

    4)Who are your favorite powerlifters?

    5)Why dont you release some dvd's?

    Sorry about all the questions


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    1. The most productive program I ever used was a simple 12 week cycle, high volume/low intensity to low volume/high intensity. Westside would have worked better, but that's all we had back then.

    2. I always used power cleans. Starr made me, and they worked.

    3. I started off with wrestling shoes, but eventually I went to a heeled shoe for more quad involvement off the floor. The increase in efficiency more than made up for the heel thickness, at least for my pulling style.

    4. I don't follow the sport now, but my favorite guys back then were John Kuc and George Hechter.

    5. We will.


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