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    This is band or tourniquet training from Japan is called "kaatsu".

    "Topic: Kaatsu Resistance Training and Muscle Size
    Authors: Takashi Abe and colleagues from the Tokyo Metropolitan University
    Abstract #: 2389

    In perhaps one of the weirdest studies of the conference, a Japanese method of training called Kaatsu was studied. Proponents of Kaatsu training suggest that the dynamic exercise of a muscle group that?s been occluded (with a pressure of 160mmHg) can improve the hypertrophic response to exercise. (In other words, they partially blocked the flow of blood with little band thingies.)

    In this particular study, eleven men performed low intensity squat and leg curl training twice daily for twelve days. The subjects used 20% of their 1RM for three sets of twelve reps for each of the exercises. Six of the eleven men had the active muscle group occluded during exercise and five of the eleven men exercised without occlusion. After 12 weeks, squat and leg curl strength increased by 19 and 24% in the occlusion group and 14 and 1% in the non-occlusion group. Also, the thigh and gluteus maximus muscle volume (as measured by MRI) increased by 6.9 and 9.6% in the occlusion group and only 0.1 and 0.2% in the non-occlusion group.

    This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, but they have studies on that second link that show impressive gains with comparatively little work. Care to comment?

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    Only to say that the Japanese also have some very weird porn.


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