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Thread: Question about worn out joints, specifically shoulder joints.

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    Default Question about worn out joints, specifically shoulder joints.

    I noticed on this forum that you commented that "your knees sound about like mine do" to someone who was having knee trouble. I also noticed you say to Pete in the overhead press instructional video on youtube that "these take at least 20 minutes of warming up before I can do them"

    In your books you say that not only muscles are strengthened by weight training, but also tendons, ligaments, and many other bodily tissues. I spoke to a doctor recently and he said that you should not train overhead pressing or shoulder activities too hard, as a core upper body exercise in training, as it is hard on your shoulders and you have to live with your shoulders for the rest of your life.

    He also commented that the shoulder joints just were not made to press such heavy weight like people do, and in comparison to other muscles that people train, the shoulder muscles are tiny. He gave an example of a muscle group that was more suited for heavy exercise and that was the pectorals.

    I thought heavy training made joints stronger, not wore them out?

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    I am an old, retired competitive lifter that has been bucked off of lots of horses. I did not train for fitness, and I have not lived my life for either health or longevity. Do not take my personal example as one that is reflective of the short-term results of a strength training program.

    Now, the doctor you talked too is not entitled to an opinion about overhead pressing movements, having never done them himself and having never been trained in their correct execution. In the same way that you would not allow me to remove your appendix or adjust your psych meds, you must not allow untrained and inexperienced people to define your exercise habits. Specifically, see the March issue of the CrossFit Journal for a long, quite detailed discussion of the safety of overhead lifting.

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