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    I was wondering if sex before a workout be beneficial or detrimental.
    My girlfriend always asks " so how was that workout " , referring to my actual time in the gym and not in the bed. Sometimes I can say wow it was outstanding , sometimes it has been awful? Should I steer clear before a workout?
    Hope this isn't stepping over the line, just seen some odd posts here.

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    I guess that depends on how it was approached. If you PRed the poke, you might have to adjust your other numbers down a little.

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    I think one of the biggest variables in play here is what affect sex has on testosterone levels. I have read conflicting things in regards to this.
    Also is there a difference (for these purposes) between sex and masturbation?

    If "releasing" does in fact cause a temporary increase in T levels as some sources claim, that is a fairly easy variable to manipulate, as crude as it is.

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    I think this was pretty well covered here, in a very serious manner.

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    Pshh, ALWAYS PR the poke!


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