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Thread: Conditioning and the Texas Method

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    Default Conditioning and the Texas Method

    I just started the Texas Method a few weeks ago. I'm currently doing it as is with the following assistance exercises: weighted and bodyweight dips and pull ups, RDLs, and GHRs. I wanted to start incorporating conditioning workouts, but am less than sure on how to go about this. I started using kettlebells for about 2 weeks, but then quit so I could ask around here if anyone has experience with this.

    I was going to just do the Enter the Kettlebell conditioning workouts after the regular Texas Method workouts. Would this be too much more added volume on the volume day, and likewise, would this impede my recovery for the light day? And I opted for kettlebells because I was doing kettlebell conditioning before I began the Starting Strength program, so I have them and am familiar with them.

    I still want strength to be my focus, but I would like to add some conditioning. Maybe along the lines of a 70/30 strength/conditioning split.

    Any suggestions?

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    According to the TM guide by J. Lascek, the two best days to add conditioning are the day after volume day, or the day after intensity day. He also says that it would be best to avoid conditioning on light days so that supercompensation can occur.


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