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Thread: Do I lower the weight increases now?

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    Thank you for the great response. I will extend my rests to 5-6mins. Yeah. I'm doing the novice LP. I'm not adding in any conditioning or other work. A couple weeks ago the app told me to start doing chin-ups. I'm not quite strong enough for chin-ups so I'm doing lat pulldowns.
    OK good. I think increasing your rest periods will help you, in addition to getting your nutrition squared away. A 5,5,3 tells me you were not properly recovered from the previous set, or you had some mess up in technique. For heavy presses and benches I rest 8-10 minutes, FYI. Everybody varies but just make sure you're properly ready. A 4,4,3 tells me you got either too greedy in your weight jump, or were not properly recovered from the last workout. Microload the upper body lifts sooner than you think. 5lb jumps don't last too long on the upper body. Keep trying with the chins. There is an article that Niki Sims wrote to help with chins. Good luck!

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    I got the 4,4, 3 because my shoulder got very tight part way through the 1st set. I do lots of warmups including a couple rotator cuff warmups before lifting but it was a very hot day and the gym has lots of fans but no air conditioning so I was sweating a lot. The next time I went to the gym I added a tiny bit of salt into my BCAAs and I think that helped. Also, I'm new to the gym and they have lots of specialty equipment and I didn't realize I was using an Olympic bar instead of a power or squat bar so it slid down my back doing low bar squats just slightly but enough to engage my anterior delt too much.
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