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Thread: Found Out I Have Tennis Elbow

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    Doc says I have a minor bout of tennis elbow from not using my arm since the injury and then lifting. I waited 5 months before lifting again and this still happened... So now I have tennis elbow and both my wrists hurt. I got a forearm aircast wrap from the doc to protect the elbow. and he says if I must lift, wear it and lift light. I will wear it, but I plan to finish SS. Is that a bad idea? What should I do?

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    Tennis elbow seems like one of those things that's tough to get rid of. Rip says he rehabbed his using chins... you might search around for where he talks about that. There have been quite a few recent threads here on the subject as well.

    I've had mine since around February or so ... when I was at 3 sets of 13 at bodyweight chins and also doing weighted chins on another day of the week. I'm up to 5 sets of 8 now but I've still got the tennis elbow.

    Also, search/read up on the Ibuprofen protocol.

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    Where would I include chins in my ss routine i do squat bench deadlift and squat press clean. ALSO my wrists were KILLING me today after squats and benching, they have been hurting but have gotten worse. Should i get some wrist wraps?

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    That really sucks. I had a short bout of golfers elbow (on the inside of the elbow) and I started wearing a brace which helped immensely. I feel your pain.

    Be aware of your hand/wrist position when you squat - you could be putting pressure on the sore spots by gripping incorrectly.

    Wish I could offer more useful help.

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    I found these exercises to give instant relief to tennis elbow. For long term strengthening of the forearms, here are some forearm exercises you can do. You only need an adjustable dumbbell and plates to perform these exercises. Hope these help.

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    I've had elbow pain and the following helped me:
    1. Lots of fish oil - 3g DHA+EPA/day (not just 3g fish oil)
    2. Band pushdowns for sets of 20
    3. Chiropractor (adjustment took pressure off the tendons somehow)

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    I know I am a little late in responding but this may help someone else...

    Ice your elbows before and after training, that's step 1. Secondly, try take some pain meds a half hour before you train. Luckily you don't need to a prescription for these painkillers, you can get them OTC. Anyways, here is an article that talks about tennis elbow medication and what works best:


    Good luck.


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