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Thread: Inflammatory markers are high. Left wrist and ankle has decreased range of movement.

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    Also I don't know where you live, but joint/arthritis pain a while after having had a flu like disease is one of the symptoms of lyme disease.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. I'm in Scotland lyme disease isn't common here.

    Typical diet is as follows;

    Breakfast - 1-2 tablespoons of cod liver oil. 6 eggs scrambled with a couple small potatoes boiled.

    Mid morning - usually have a sandwich (1 slice wheat bread) with alot of ham. About 500ml of whole milk. I have been drinking more milk lately to try and gain some weight back.

    Lunch - Beef chilli which is just tomato passata, garlic, chilli powder and vegetables. I have this with a small amount of brown rice.

    Dinner - Usually 2 chicken breasts with some form of carb. Potato, rice and spinach.

    Before bed is 4-6 eggs boiled for about a minute so still in liquid form and drinkable. I drink these with this milk and I'll sometimes have some more raw vegtables like carrots.

    Any other snacks throughout the day is usually just whole milk and brazil nuts. I'll get rid of that 1 slice of bread I have each day and see if that makes any difference. I don't have any stomach problems or anything else that would be assosciated with such an allergy.

    I'm not in any pain unless I try to put my left wrist in a pushup position. I have short femurs so my knees don't shoot far over my toes therefore I hardly notice the ankle inflammation. My main concern is the long term damage to the joints and the fatigue right now.

    I will get the doctor to take more tests tomorrow and give me better anti-inflammatories. I will increase the cod liver oil aswell thanks for all the replies/

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