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Thread: tendons -rest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Herbison View Post
    Of course it's the default answer. Is it possible that form isn't the issue? Sure. But since it is the issue 99% of the time, why not address that first?

    I don't have any issue with what you're posting, but you could definitely improve how you're posting. If Rip censored something you put up, it's almost certainly not because of the content, but how you're presenting it. He lets plenty of contrary opinions fly, and sometimes we have good discussions about it.

    The few times I've seen him actually delete something, it's because it was a personal attack against someone else. If you don't want your stuff deleted, don't be a dick. There are ways to say you disagree with someone without calling them a fraud or a fag.
    You're talking to Eugene here, Sean. You know he can't help being a dick. And yet for some reason, despite his disdain for most of the coaches on this forum, he keeps coming back.

    Eugene does not understand what "academic fraud" means, because he's read a couple of abstracts on PubMed and understood some of the long words and that makes him an expert.He also discounts the effect of good form coaching on tendon pain because he knows everything, is the most beautiful, and is always right. He has advice to give but none that he is willing to take. See? End of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Blount View Post
    Now your just stiring shit tobo. How ironic u give context 2 n wonder bout why i post here n u alway pop up in threads tryna bust my chops/attack my character. I read full articles not abstracts u miserable wack-a-mole.
    What language is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Blount View Post
    Get off my 9" tobo u have no chance

    But yes I can be a jackass on this board. Actually in person I am very kind and considerate of others. It's quite a struggle for me but I know I have to behave myself. And I found the perfect outlet here. There is really nowhere else on the Internet like SS. The whole church of rippetoe and his congregation of nutswingers the fucking dogma and pseudo intellectualism contrived rugged masculinity -- fucking hilarious.

    Here's the other thing dearest tobo: it's pretty fucking hard being no 1 most perfectly developed man. Think about it I mean try my shoes on for size. Ok so what does it mean to accept that you 'better' than other people? It's fucking horrible. I mean who the fuck says they're better than everyone else? But I look around and I have the ultimate package.

    Ok there are people smarter than me. Not many. In a room of 100 people I can expect to have the highest IQ. In a room with 1000 people there will be a genuis or three. those guys are fucked -- it is no blessing. I have no envy for the Stephen Hawking crew

    Sure there are better looking guys. But not many. A friend of mine put it like this "eugene you are the guy from romance novels all the girls read!" I am talking head to toe good looking.

    And u already kno I'm a fuckin athlete. Not NBA/NFL caliber but definitely D1

    I've got a fucking personality too. Really ties everything together.

    So there it is. And what am I supposed to do about all of this? Its not all its cracked up to be. Either I'm totally insane or I really am no 1 most perfect man and crying about it. Do u see my crisis now?

    So I have to go through my daily life all day everyday downplaying my magnificence to shed the haters and blend in with normal human beings. Then I come home and jack off on this board where there is no repercussion because anonymous people getting butthurt over the Internet has gotta be last on the list of world problems.

    Somebody please re-ban this fucknut. How people find Eugene entertaining is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m9900255 View Post
    SQ: 35kg
    Does this include the bar weight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m9900255 View Post

    i have been doing SS for about 7 weeks now. I am 187lbs and 6'3. Started with what I think was low:

    SQ: 35kg
    BP: 50 kg
    P: 30kg
    DL: 40kg

    After 4 weeks my squat was at 55 kg but I had to stop due to tendinosis of the rectus femoris at the hip (probably due to bad form) 3 weeks have past but still can’t go at parallel without pain. I am taking ibuprofen for this.

    My stats then were:

    SQ: 55kg
    BP: 60kg
    P: 40kg
    DL: 65kg
    Since then I didn’t do any squats. Once in a while I tried to see with an empty bar how deep I could go.
    I incorporated some dips because only doing 2 exercises per trainingsession was too little.

    My stats now:

    SQ: x
    BP: 70kg: last rep of last set was almost at failure: so now I bought 0.5kg (1.1lbs) plates to start microloading
    P: 42.5: was stuck at this weight for the last 3 sessions. Will also start microloading, or if too hard, drop 10%
    DL:80: first time I felt I worked the hamstrings!
    Dips: 3*5 with bodyweight.

    The last time I did dips I felt some pain in my triceps tendon at the elbow, which was very minor, but now 2 days later without doing any exercise it became much worse… Was normally going to do BP today but I’am afraid it will make things worse.

    My thoughts now are that SS is too hard for my tendons so I will rest for a week, do some very light cardio and then drop everything with 10% and see how it goes. Hopefully I will be able to do squats again very soon and my triceps will be healed.

    Any thoughts or other experiences with similar injuries and how to proceed?

    1. Drop the NSAIDs
    2. Perform Olympic squats in place of LBBS if not dropping squatting altogether
    3. Perform rehabilitative work such as controlled 505 curls (with a resistance band) for the common extensor and flexor tendons tendinoses, tricep extensions (with a resistance band) for the distal triceps brachii tendon and intermuscular septa/bicipital groove attachments tendinoses, and controlled 303 body weight squats for the proximal rectus femoris tendinosis
    4. Seek manual therapy (viz. transverse and linear frictions) prior to performing prescriptive exercises to educe an inflammatory response and facilitate realignment of type I and III collagen fibers with fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis response

    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal_k View Post
    Shouldn't have stopped squatting. Having dealt with tendinitis, you have to train through it.
    This is not good advice. Tendinosis is a degenerative condition brought about by an injurious stress-strain-history relationship. That is, the tensile and/or compressive forces affecting the tissue exceed its fatigue strength and/or recuperative ability through either inadequate rest and/or excessive stress cycles. Continued squatting compounds this already poor relationship, thus exacerbating the condition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Blount View Post
    You're an idiot. How do you think the tendon acquired disease in the first place?
    Herb is quite right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Blount View Post
    LMFAO thats alway the default answer around here. What if they are squatting properly??? Or is it impossible that a correctly executed squat could cause tendonitis on a typical linear progression??

    This place is incredible.
    Tendinopathies can indeed occur in the absence of improper technique.

    Quote Originally Posted by m9900255 View Post
    it's actually tendinosis and not tendinitis
    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Blount View Post
    ^ That doesn't matter.
    Herb is, again, correct. However, NSAIDs could be continued in the case of (chronic) tendinitis.

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