I paid close attention when lifting today because my left elbow was extremely sore. I was doing dead lift, close grip bench and incline DB bench. My elbows bother me some dead lifting because straightening the arms is always a bit sore. After DL, the warmups on CGBP was pretty painful. I did my second warmup and then rolled my elbows and bottom of the tricep on a lax ball on the floor. I find that I need to put a bunch of pressure just above the point and toward the outside. That tendon hurts a bit when rolling. I roll the outside tendon up the tricep around 3" or so and that relieves the pain enough to keep benching. I was able to finish warmups and do 2 work sets before it started hurting again. I rolled it a second time and then did my last 3 work sets. I'm on a high rep (sets of 8) scheme right now though and CGBP is always painful on my elbows. After dumb bell incline, I did weighted chins (3x5), dips (BW- 3x10), hammer curls (3x10) and dumb bell tricep extensions (3x10). The dips hurt my elbows on the first set but calmed down after that and everything else felt fine. I only share all this information in hopes that something here may provide you relief as well.

FWIW - this was the first time that the elbow pain has increased in the last couple weeks. The lax ball is essential to allowing me to continue bench pressing when they flare up.