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    Well, I decided to try to learn the squat the way Rip teaches. I think I'm probably close to genetically maxing out my oly squat. When I had hip problems with the low bar squat in the past, I was using a Westside (i.e. exagerrated wide stance, sit way back) style. Moreover, I've been burned out as hell recently and need a change of pace. I'm tired of squatting 3x/week, and the last few months I've just found myself generally unmotivated. So, I took a couple of light weeks recently and resumed some real training this week. For now, I'm planning to squat either once per week or three times every two weeks. I started light on the squats on Tuesday. They felt very easy but looking down was awkward. That said, I could really feel my hamstrings working better than I've ever felt before during a squat. They are sore as hell today. I have confidence I'll ultimately squat more this way, my posterior chain will be stronger, and I can avoid the hip problems that have plagued me in the past. Thus far this week:

    Tues 1/31
    Squat 315 3x5 (nice and easy. Just going to add 10 lbs per workout for a while and give my body a while to recover from the last year of feeling chronically overtrained.)
    Front squat - did doubles starting at 135, adding 20 lbs per set, and topping out at 265 (again, very, very easy)
    Hypers 3x15
    Ab pulldowns 3x10

    Thurs 2/2
    Bench 295 4x3 (Good day on this. Felt great today)
    Db Row 120 2x16, supersetted w/ bench 225 2x5
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