Whoops! Previous post was my session on Monday 07/17/17.

BW: 214.2 lbs -1.4 lbs

Wednesday 07/19/17:
LB Squat:
2x6x45 lb
1x7x95 lb
1x6x135 lb
1x6x185 lb
3x5x225 lb
2x5x115 lb
1x4x115 lb
1x3x115 lb
Kroc Rows:
1x6x75 lb Per hand for all
1x6x85 lb
1x5x90 lb

Squats: Grip was great today. I was able to stay tight for the entirety of each set. Lumbar flexion was fixed; thanks to adding the valsalva maneuver and/or just staying tighter. Felt heavy though. Should be eating more.

Press: Finally made it to 115 lbs! Though I did fail the 3rd set

Kroc Rows: Deadlifts were a bad idea. Too many deadlifts on Monday. So I just did some kroc rows.