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Thread: Dr. Jonathan Sullivan, "The Barbell Prescription Book Tour"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Culican View Post
    I've been thinking about this lately. I am 61 and have a co-worker who is 49. We both do field work and carry our stuff in a backpack. Whereas most of the people (including the twenty-somethings) wheel their backpacks to the elevator to get in and out of the office (the one's they give us have wheels), my co-worker and I would always place them on our backs and use the stairs. Up until a month or so, that is. He tweaked his back doing something at his home so now he is convinced that to protect his back he should never use the backpack again. His back is better for now but he has decided it's best to use the wheels and use the elevator (we are only on the 3rd floor). Oh, BTW, he doesn't understand why I lift weights.

    I thought, "This is how it happens, that slow decline, backpack to wheels, stairs to elevator, etc." How long before he decides he needs a walker?

    I know, I know, I should proselytize the benefits of barbell exercises in general and heavy deadlifts for the back but everyone seems to have an excuse why it won't work for them.

    Admittedly I'm not what anyone would consider "aging," but I'm exactly this way as well. If I'm traveling alone, I always put my stuff in a gym bag and carry it through the airport (funnily enough, usually with a hook grip). I carry my materials and exhibits for a deposition in a box. I take the stairs when they're available. I walk anywhere within a mile unless there's a really good reason not to. I don't own a snowblower even though we routinely get several feet of snow each year.

    I plan to do all this as long as I feasibly can. I don't do easy, because life isn't easy, and because I actually like physical work. As Sully has said many times, the body adapts to complacency just as well as it does to stress (I would say the mind does as well)...and the end result is not a positive one. So I'll keep getting weird stares and questions of "why do you want to do THAT!?" when I'm doing heavy (relative) squats and deadlifts in my gyms full of runners and swimmers. It may not look like much of a difference now, but when I'm still slugging shit around as a grandfather, I'll be happy I never settled for easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark E. Hurling View Post
    Yet. If it does not conform to the Golden Scrolls put forth by the Mad Imam Simmons in the hidden and ageless City of Columbus as a revelation from the dream lands, it is apostasy and less than worthy.

    Anyone who follows any doctrine from the Heretic Rippetoe is fit only for scorn and mockery.

    Thus whispers the Doctrine of Shug Niggurath as found in the Caprophagicon.

    How about them apples allent?
    Haha, I only popped in here because I saw Brodie commented, only kept reading because I saw Carson was here, then I saw this! Nice work, but I think it could be improved. I've made some edits.

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    Nice edits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathon Sullivan View Post
    You did the work. You reaped the rewards.
    Rewards yes. All Mine!

    But the Glory goes to Rip & Sully!
    Pushing this program out there was a lot of going against the flow.

    All we can do in return is be a friend of the program and help who we can help.

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