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    I had some sort of virus that knocked me out for two weeks. It was supposed to be a volume day which called for 275x5x5 for squats. I figured I'd just do 275x3x5, thinking that would be light enough. I warmed up just fine but only got 3 reps on my first set and then had a small coughing fit.

    I clearly can do something because I warmed up without trouble. Any thoughts on how I should work back in? Today is theoretically light day. Just go ahead and do the light day workout?

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    Don't start back light..........start back VERY LIGHTLY. Take a few weeks or even a month to work back up.

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    I too have been surprised by how quickly i lose strength from a layoff even w/o being sick so +1 on taking a few weeks to get back to it.

    Also though, next time try to get some workouts in even if you're sick. If you're on deaths' door and can't get out of bed w/o throwing up then that's one thing, but otherwise you're better off getting to the gym. You wouldn't do your normal program since you probably won't be able to and your recovery ability will be compromised by the illness, but even one or two high intensity sets a week will do a lot to help maintain your strength. (can't point to references on this, but it has been my experience and also in line w/ things i've read)

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    I too got knocked sideways by virus for two weeks.

    Gastroenteritis-type jobbie. Only ate about 200/300 calories a day for over a week and felt like crap for days before and after.
    Took a full week to slowly get back to previous week's LP. Even then it still sucks and bars feel much heavier than they did.

    Just mother nature reminding you are yes you are a pussy and if you dont eat your veggies she will claim your balls from you.

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    Thanks all for the advice. I went back and started extremely light. It was pretty clearly the right thing to do. Went 225x2x5 (instead of 275x5x5) and did easily but not too easily, if that makes sense. I think I'm just going to do a novice progression back up again and switch over to TM when I get back to where I was before. Amazing how weak I felt after just two weeks.


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