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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Gene Banman | October 13, 2016

I had a set of biases; you might even say some chips on my shoulder, when I started lifting for the first time at age 61. Then I thought, “I’ll take up Starting Strength training, but it better not interfere with my sports!”

Now I know that it’s the weight training itself which is allowing me to continue with my Sports.

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by Niki Sims, SSC | October 06, 2016

The “Boyfriend Problem” is an issue in barbell training, defined by the two following situations:

  1. The man who says, “I want to put my girlfriend on Starting Strength.”
  2. The boyfriend who is not a coach yet is coaching you anyway – a less obnoxious instance of mansplaining.  

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by Gwyn Brookes, SSC | September 29, 2016

When I introduce people to strength training, I often get asked whether it’s okay to train for maintenance, or what the limit is on adding weight to the bar. Seems reasonable, but I submit that training for limits, or training for maintenance, is a bad idea. Why? Just like resisting gravity is hard but important, resisting entropy is harder – and even more imperative.

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