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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Diego Socolinsky | November 17, 2016

A few weeks ago I was working with a new client. It was his second or third training session, and we were having a little friction about programming and weight selection. He had some prior training experience but, as with almost all new clients, we started him on a Starting Strength novice linear progression on Day One. By day three, he was grumbling that this was not the way he was used to doing things and that he would prefer to do this or that rather than the prescribed workout...

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by Bill Been | November 10, 2016

Whatever you’re going to do in life, approach it as a professional. A professional has more than a cursory grasp of the details of his profession. A professional has taken the time to learn the precise language associated with the skilled practice of his profession. A professional airline pilot like me dang sure needs more than a basic grasp of his job. 

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by Brent J Carter, SSC | November 03, 2016

"Those of us who understand the stress/recovery/adaptation model will no doubt also understand the eventual need for implementing workouts where both the intensity and volume are reduced to facilitate recovery. The client may not see the same value in this recovery day as his coach does. This can be a problem."

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