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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Niki Sims, SSC | October 06, 2016

The “Boyfriend Problem” is an issue in barbell training, defined by the two following situations:

  1. The man who says, “I want to put my girlfriend on Starting Strength.”
  2. The boyfriend who is not a coach yet is coaching you anyway – a less obnoxious instance of mansplaining.  

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by Gwyn Brookes, SSC | September 29, 2016

When I introduce people to strength training, I often get asked whether it’s okay to train for maintenance, or what the limit is on adding weight to the bar. Seems reasonable, but I submit that training for limits, or training for maintenance, is a bad idea. Why? Just like resisting gravity is hard but important, resisting entropy is harder – and even more imperative.

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by Mark Rippetoe | September 22, 2016

Are you doing a conditioning workout prior to your strength training workout and calling it “warmup”? Maybe. Lots of people think it is necessary to get some degree of exhausted before every workout, so that they can more effectively perform the workout. Let's examine this idea, because it wastes lots of time and potential progress.

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