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Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | May 10, 2017

Dr. Sullivan gives his presentation on The Barbell Prescription during a stop on his East Coast book tour.

John F Musser, SSC | April 26, 2017

Starting Strength Coach John Musser wraps up his presentation on special considerations for training first responders. In this segment, he discusses the baggage that a potential trainee may present the coach with.

John F Musser, SSC | April 19, 2017

Starting Strength Coach John Musser gives a presentation on considerations when coaching police and firefighters during the Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference held in Wichita Falls, TX in 2016.

Mark Rippetoe | January 18, 2017

Rip explains the proper use and execution of the box squat as described in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.

Will Morris, DPT, SSC | December 28, 2016

Dr. Morris wraps up his talk on training with back pain with a discussion on the shortfalls of current conventional pain science and back pain rehabilitation.

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