Starting Strength Weekly Report

October 10, 2022

Discovery Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Body Composition and Bodyfat Percentages – Rip talks about people's perceptions of themselves at different bodyfat percentages and why your goal should be to add weight to the bar.
  • Squatting Right on Day 1 – Starting Strength Coach Ray Gillenwater walks you through what to expect squatting on your first day in the gym.
  • Shooting Better Photos and Videos – A peek behind the scenes as Nick Delgadillo runs a workshop for Starting Strength Gyms coaches, owners, and apprentices on taking better photos and videos using a smartphone.
  • Squatting and Back Stability by Yago Ferreiros – The squat is probably the most important and productive exercise you can do in the weight room. In spite of its importance, it is surprising how poorly understood the squat remains...
  • Balance in the Press: You Have to Lay Back by Andrew Lewis – Pressing heavy requires mid-foot balance and a pristine bar path. A person is in balance when the center of mass is inside the base of support...
  • Weekend Archives: Why (Almost) Nobody Should Pull Sumo by Kyle Mask – First, a disclaimer: This article is not intended for the super-obese. If excessive adipose tissue prevents you from correctly setting up...
  • Weekend Archives: Why Functional Training Pushes Kids to Use Steroids by Mark Rippetoe – Athletes take steroids to get stronger. That’s the only reason they take steroids. Bodybuilders take steroids to build muscle mass and preserve it while they drop bodyfat...

From the Coaches
  • So you want to get started with Starting Strength? Not sure what to do your first time in the gym? Coach Grant Broggi of The Strength Co. explains what to do on day one.
  • What is a tension grip, and why should you use it for pulling movements like the deadlift, row, and clean? Phil Meggers covers all that and more in this video, which is the second in Testify's series on the correct grip for each lift.
  • On this episode of the Progressive Rehab & Strength Podcast, a 10-minute “how to” of the conventional deadlift with an injury risk reduction spin.
  • Are your terrible shoulders ruining your bench press? In this video - Testify's third in a series of Saturday Shorts on fixing the bench - Phil Meggers quickly discusses and demonstrates how to correct your shoulder positioning.
  • This week, Dr. John Petrizzo joins the PRS Podcast for a discussion of the problems with traditional physical therapy and their views of a more progressive approach to rehabilitation with barbells.
Get Involved

In the Trenches

cat daddy takes a 315 squat for a ride in cincinnati
Alexander, lovingly known to the Starting Strength Cincinnati community as "Cat Daddy," takes 315 for a ride. [photo courtesy of Adam Martin]
stacey initiates the press by pushing her hips forward
SSC Grant Broggi watches as Stacey initiates the press with a stretch reflex by shoving her hips forward at this past weekend's Starting Strength training camp in Sandy, UT. [photo courtesy of Paul Horn]
grant broggi coaches a lifter to finish the press with a shrug
Grant Broggi cues Steve to finish the press with a strong shrug of the traps at Saturday's training camp in Utah. [photo courtesy of Paul Horn]
paul horn coaches steve through a set of deadlifts
Starting Strength Coach Paul Horn coaches Steve through a set of 5 deadlifts at the Utah camp. [photo courtesy of Grant Broggi]
chris locks out a 305 deadlift as he trains for the testify fall classic strengthlifting meet
In preparation for the upcoming Testify Fall Classic strengthlifting meet later this month, Chris pulls 305 lb for a smooth single at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
group photo of starting strength boston fall meetup
Group photo from Starting Strength Boston’s Fall Meetup for members last Saturday. Thanks to Rob and his family for hosting! Everyone feasted and a group went out for candlepin bowling afterward. [photo courtesy of Ann Ames]
starting strength cincinnati members rest on the floor
Kristine shows fellow Starting Strength Cincinnati member Kiran how to properly rest between sets during the MWF 5:30am. [photo courtesy of Lucas Schroeder]

Best of the Week

Is splitting a workout okay?


Let's say I have a squat, bench press, power clean day. Is it a problem if I go to the gym at 7 am to do my squat session, go to work, and come back and do the other two when I'm out in the afternoon? Would your answer change if it were a squat, press and deadlift day?

Mark Rippetoe

That's fine. Just get it all done on the same day.

Best of the Forum

The Strongest Shall Survive


Hey Rip hope all is well. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of Bill Starr’s classic book The Strongest Shall Survive. Any idea if this will ever be back in the store for the website. Surfing Ebay but no luck thus far. Thanks for everything you guys do. It’s been a total life changer for me.

Mark Rippetoe

It's out of print. Keep checking Amazon for a stray copy.

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