Carl Raghavan, SSC | November 22, 2023

Balancing a nomadic lifestyle with a passion for strength training is a pretty unique challenge. The wisdom of Uncle Rip’s famous saying, “When you sign up for a meet, your training improves,” resonates deeply with me, but the structure of a traditional powerlifting meet can be a stumbling block for travelers and digital nomads like myself...

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Jim Steel | November 01, 2023

Bobby’s deadlift had been stuck at 405 pounds for 2 months and he was frustrated. He had just finished a training session where he went for his maximum lift again, trying again the 410 pounds that had eluded him for weeks...  

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David Lewis | October 25, 2023

It seems like such a bizarre idea today, but without a retirement to look forward to, you have to keep working. You have to keep making future financial plans. You have to save money and keep investing in yourself, your business, your life, with an eye toward perpetual growth for as long as growth is possible. And when growth is no longer possible, death quickly follows.

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Capt James Rodgers | October 11, 2023

One thing that is guaranteed to draw a lot of attention or admiration from concerned onlookers is to overhead press a heavy weight with a lot of layback. Layback is the tendency for the back angle to become more horizontal during a heavy overhead press and for the back to go into extension to accommodate a more efficient bar path and to recruit more muscle mass into the lift.  

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Mark Rippetoe | October 04, 2023

“Because that's the way we do it” is never an acceptable answer to a question. Neither is “It's always worked for me,” or “That's the way I was taught, and I've always done it this way.” If someone asks a question about what you're doing, an answer like this demonstrates that you haven't thought about why you're doing it.

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