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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | October 03, 2019

Evaluating our performance comes down to two important questions: First, are we making people stronger? If we're not, we are just like every other gym franchise. Second, are the gyms performing well financially? If not, they won’t be able to pay SSCs the premium they deserve, nor will gym owners be able to make a living. Let’s look at the data

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | October 02, 2019

What we care about is helping you achieve your own physical potential, however vast or limited that may be, and we realize that the way to achieve it is not to accumulate box jumps, it’s to accumulate muscle mass. Yes, even for women. Yes, even if you’re past middle age – scratch that, especially if you're past middle age.

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Carl Raghavan, SSC | September 18, 2019

I get this question a lot. What did you do? How do I become a personal trainer or a coach? Of course, they don’t usually want to hear the truth. This question is code for: What is the quickest route (ideally not involving many years’ work and experience) to becoming a highly paid, elite-level coach who can pick and choose his clients, lift when he wants and be his own boss?

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | September 04, 2019

Follow the progress of Starting Strength Gyms from concept to reality over our first year. 

No sales desk. No contracts. And most importantly, a program that actually works – for everyone, every time.

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Andrew Lewis | August 28, 2019

For the frugal, a few hours of work and $3.19 of contact cement can replace the $100 and one-week wait it will cost to have a squat shoe professionally shimmed. Having called ten shoe repair shops, I noted a price range between $69 and $150...

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