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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | September 04, 2019

Follow the progress of Starting Strength Gyms from concept to reality over our first year. 

No sales desk. No contracts. And most importantly, a program that actually works – for everyone, every time.

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Andrew Lewis | August 28, 2019

For the frugal, a few hours of work and $3.19 of contact cement can replace the $100 and one-week wait it will cost to have a squat shoe professionally shimmed. Having called ten shoe repair shops, I noted a price range between $69 and $150...

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Rebecca Fishburne, SSC | July 24, 2019

While the attitudes in the commercial gym can be frustrating at times, the cool thing about being an SSC in this setting is that I have an opportunity to translate Starting Strength for people who don’t speak the language, many of whom have never heard of it and have never even considered lifting anything heavy.

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Jim Steel | May 15, 2019

I have always wondered why some people find such fascination with training, specifically for strength and/or aesthetics, while others never catch the Iron Bug. I am trying to think of the people that I have trained with over the years, and if they are still working out with weights, and I can't come up with any of my high school friends or junior college friends, and only a few senior college friends who still train.

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