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Mark Rippetoe | January 27, 2017

A serviceable home gym for barbell training need not be a gigantic investment, and in fact should be very simple. A bar, some plates, a rack of some type to facilitate the squat and the pressing exercises, a simple flat bench for the bench press, and a platform for deadlifts is all that is absolutely required. For power cleans and snatches, a few bumper plates are quite useful but not absolutely necessary. 

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Mark Rippetoe | January 06, 2017

During my time as a gym owner I have made several mistakes, none of which had anything to do with my decision to teach everybody how to use barbells safely, efficiently, and productively. Rather, my biggest regret was not doing so, once, when I should have.

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Niki Sims, SSC | May 25, 2016

In barbell training there are certain tangibles that are essential to the pursuit of becoming stronger. These include a barbell, squat rack, bench, weights, chalk, and a solid, flat floor. Beyond that, we delve into a world of accessories and props, some of which are totally necessary to assist in your pursuit, and others which can be quite frivolous, especially for a novice. The intent of this essay is to help you prioritize...

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Brodie M. Butland, JD, BSc, SSC | August 20, 2015

"[R]ecent personal training licensing proposals would provide little or no benefit to the consuming public; are unworkable; and would require a hand-picked cabal to arbitrarily decide standards of care and requirements of practice, backed up by the threat of criminal liability commensurate with serious offenses like drunk driving and assault."

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Matt Reynolds, SSC | August 20, 2014

"At 8pm, on the night of July 28, 2014, my cousin Kenny was bench pressing alone in an empty, unsupervised corporate gym on a Smith Machine when something went terribly wrong...My family cannot be saved from tragedy, but I hope by writing this article, yours may be. There is a correct way to safely spot and perform the barbell lifts, even when lifting alone. This is my practical guide on how to do so."

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