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Tommy Suggs | November 04, 2010

"The dynamics of rapid growth in the gym business consisted of three separate factors that evolved separately but were dependent, in the final analysis, upon each other.  The giant leap forward in the development of machines was the spearhead of the gym renaissance..."

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Tommy Suggs | October 26, 2010

"I was home for Christmas vacation from The University of Texas. It was 1956 and my weight training had moved from conditioning and body building to competitive Olympic lifting. My home was on the Texas Coast, Lake Jackson, and there was not an Olympic bar in the county. Houston, sixty miles away, offered my best hope for finding a place to train during my two weeks at home for the holidays. After examining the Houston yellow pages, I found one gym listed..."

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Bill Starr | October 04, 2010

"Do you still want to be stronger than the average bloke waddling around the supermarket looking for more junk food, or have you given up that idea? What the majority of the people in this country want is to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be strong and fit, yet they’re unwilling to put in the effort to make that dream a reality."

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Mark Rippetoe | June 16, 2010

"Any degree program that claims to prepare the student for more than just a graduate program in the same discipline must be commercially relevant, and this is defined by the terminal application of the material. So it is hardly surprising that machine-based isolation exercise is what you learn in school, what you’re tested on in school, what you are certified in by the NSCA/ACSM/AFAA/IDEA/ACE/ETC., and therefore what you think you know to be correct."

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