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Tommy Suggs | September 16, 2015

Tommy Suggs sent me some old pictures he had found, of Bill, himself, and some of his friends. He said I could share them with you, and so we shall.

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Steve Dussia | July 02, 2015

"...The Strongest Shall Survive went from concept to reality. Bill was the writer, I was a photographer, and the rest is history. Bill compiled his notes and research into the text, and I did a handful of cartoons, and upon completion of each chapter, we would pick an athlete who had acceptable technique and a world of patience, and do the accompanying photographs."

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Dr Ken Leistner | June 03, 2015

"Why not eat relatively simply and train one’s balls off on the big, basic, multi-joint exercises that have worked for “almost everyone” who gave them a legitimate, hard training shot since the 1950s?"

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Marty Gallagher | May 13, 2015

"Starr pondered progress.  How best do we stimulate physical progress when none exists? How do we create momentum out of inertia? What can the experienced athlete do when stagnation sets in?  He thought long and hard about how to get better, how to improve..."

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Dr Ken Leistner | April 22, 2015

"Our excitement in finally arriving in California was in part due to the expectation that we would discover as yet unknown secrets, secrets that would allow some sort of miraculous and rapid increase in muscular size and strength. Within us, there was also a hope, if not an expectation, that all of the sets, reps, and dietary manipulation we had developed were in fact, correct, and that we had not wasted a lot of precious training time..."

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