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Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 07, 2023

Each lift has technique elements that must be correct. Correctly following the five steps to a correct deadlift will produce a perfect deadlift set up every time, but mistakes can happen during and after the set up. Focusing on the critical technique elements will allow a lifter and coach to see the big picture and troubleshoot problems...

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Mark Rippetoe | May 31, 2023

A picture of a big bodybuilder's arms communicates to you the idea that your arms can and must be made to look like that. Ditto pecs, quads, delts, and of course abz. But the way the bodybuilder's arms got big is not the way you or anybody else actually uses their arms. Strength is improved through an increase in force production capacity within the movement patterns normal to our musculoskeletal anatomy. 

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Mark Rippetoe | April 19, 2023

What exactly is “strength training”? This is a legitimate question, because the internet seems to think that anything more strenuous than billiards can be referred to as Strength Training. I have seen almost everything you can do in a gym referred to as “strength training.” 

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Chris Olson, SSC | March 15, 2023

This article will attempt to show you that many technique errors have one underlying cause (it’s in the title). Recognizing this cause can give you another lens through which to consider your own lifting. Once you understand this common thread, you can approach correcting any of the various subsequent errors with a clearer picture of what “correct” should look and feel like, and why.

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Mark Rippetoe | February 22, 2023

The mechanics of pulling a heavy barbell off the floor is controlled by the interaction between the musculoskeletal anatomy of the human body and the weight on the bar. Briefly, the bar must be over the middle of the feet, and the shoulders must be slightly forward of the bar, with the hips high enough to facilitate this position, with the bar pulled vertically over the mid-foot off the floor...

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