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Bill Starr | June 30, 2010

"Strong traps have a direct bearing on nearly every exercise in strength training. Obviously, they help all pulling movements, but they play a major role in squatting as well. Without a strong upper body, the athlete is not able to hold the proper positioning during a heavy squat. And while few think in terms of upper back strength in connection with pressing movements, a strong upper back benefits bench presses, inclines, and particularly overhead presses."

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Bill Starr | April 15, 2010

" do not need a coach to teach you this lift. I know this because I taught myself, as did nearly every lifter I trained and competed with. It can be done if the will to do so is there. If I could do it, so can you. I am certainly not a prodigy, not by a long shot. Every gain I made was through sweat and determination – trying a different method, failing, regrouping, trying something else until I found what worked, and then drilling until my technique improved."

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Bill Starr | March 04, 2010

"In the early sixties, Tony Garcy, America’s premier 165-pounder devised a new and different way to press. It required more than raw strength. It required a high degree of timing, coordination, balance, and quickness...the Olympic-style press is really a quick lift. You are, in effect, hurling the bar upward off your shoulders in one smooth, coordinated movement."

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