John Petrizzo, DPT, SSC | May 20, 2020

This article is intended to serve as a guide for those of you who may be considering having a joint replaced, are training with an artificial joint, or are responsible for the training of someone with an artificial joint.  My hope is that it will provide you with more insight into how the procedures are commonly performed, what to expect during the recovery period, and how you can successfully manage your training after a total joint replacement.

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | May 13, 2020

A society is a living organism whose survival depends on productivity. Production and the exchange of goods and services is what facilitates the continuity of any large group of people. It has been this way since the beginning of our species and this law of nature persists in its currently extrapolated form whether or not we acknowledge it. If a society’s lifeblood is blocked, even partially, then we are collectively having a stroke.

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | May 05, 2020

When faced with an existential risk in business or in life, we either adapt, regress, or die. Stress/recovery/adaptation is the reason we are all here, and most of us understand that this process applies to business and psychology as much as it does to our training regimen.

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