Mark Rippetoe | March 08, 2020

יש לנו מנוי כאן בחדר הכושר של WFAC שעלה 25 ק"ג במשקל הגוף תוך 11 שבועות. אני לא עובד עליכם. זאק אווטס התחיל להתאמן כאן בסוף אוגוסט 2009, ובתאריך 12 בנובמבר כאשר שקלתי אותו ומדדתי את אחוזי השומן שלו, הוא עלה 25 ק"ג במשקל הגוף מתוכם 14 ק"ג של מסת גוף רזה (LBM). זה מסתכם בעליה של 1.28 ק"ג מסת גוף רזה בשבוע, בערך קצב הגידול שנצפה בחיות חווה צעירות. עגלים גדלים במהירות הזו, ואנשים רבים עושים כסף מגידול של עגלים. 

[Hebrew translation of The Novice Effect]

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | March 04, 2020

I’ve always been wary of zealots that are convinced they have the solution to life’s problems. Not necessarily because I doubt their own personal experience, I simply doubt the validity of any claim that’s not empirically verifiable. I’m a skeptic by nature and it would be hard to find a more committed evangelist of Starting Strength than me.

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Diana Andrews | February 19, 2020

Yet. Such a powerful and important word when I use it with young students. My elementary students will often tell me, “I can’t do it.”

“Yet,” I’ll respond. And it’s very true when talking to children, who are at a time of life with rapid physical and intellectual growth. 

However, three and a half years ago, yet didn’t apply to my own life.

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Amanda Sheppard | February 12, 2020

At this point in my career, I am Amanda Sheppard M.S. Ed., SCCC CSCS CPR/AED/First Aid certified. There are people out there who will pay for any certification that exists just to add more letters after their name, but in reality they are artificially filling their tool box and never becoming great at any one thing. We all know Rip’s opinion on the state of collegiate Exercise Science degrees and their effectiveness, but I think it might be appropriate to share my first-hand experience as to why he has a point.

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