Nick D'Agostino, SSC | March 13, 2019

Whether you are a coach or a trainee, you may have experienced working with a very talented coach and learning a lot from them in a short amount of time. Studying their writing and watching their YouTube videos may be helpful, but spending time working with them in person and receiving instruction and feedback boosts the learning experience tremendously. The way these coaches present information leads to long term learning – how are they doing that?

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Mark Rippetoe | February 24, 2019

Toto sa môže zdať ako úplne prekvapujúce pre tých z vás, ktorí buď sami potrebujete zhodiť zopár kíl, alebo si myslíte, že každý chce byť chudý. Veľa mužov s nízkou váhou by veľmi rado bolo väčších, silnejších a viac fyzicky impozantných, pričom nabratie svalovej hmoty je jednoduchý proces. [Slovak translation of Maybe You Should GAIN Weight]

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