Jim Moser | June 08, 2021

"[S]tarr mentions training at Fielder's Shed. The shed was located at Fielder's Dairy Farm, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was living in Towson, Maryland at the time, and it was a good one-hour drive on winding back roads through rural Maryland." 

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Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 02, 2021

It is lucrative, satisfying, and challenging to become a Starting Strength Coach (SSC). SSCs are in high demand, but there are too few to meet demand for coaching as of this writing. Unfortunately, coaches cannot be made in a weekend seminar. It takes time lifting, time studying, and experience coaching. Although testing to become an SSC is not going to get easier, this guide will provide an efficient and effective way to prepare for the SSC credential testing.  

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | June 01, 2021

As an organization that values substance over image and doing what we believe to be right instead of what others expect us to do, it’s important that we clearly articulate who we are and what we stand for. We are “not for everybody,” but the people we are “for” seem to recognize that our unwillingness to bend to external pressure, adopt the latest fads, or do anything other than what we believe is objectively correct is what makes the Starting Strength brand valuable.  

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Steve Ross, SSC | May 26, 2021

"From the prep course and coaching development camps to the apprenticeship program, anyone who is serious about becoming a coach now has a clear path toward making that happen. However, while the prep course is available worldwide, there are currently no coaching development or apprenticeship options available abroad, so international candidates face a steeper climb."

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Carl Raghavan, SSC | May 19, 2021

I’m in the weight room with a client. The newbie gains aren’t what they used to be, and my lifter is wondering what’s going on. Inevitably, the age-old conversation arises. “Are you eating enough?” I ask. The response: “I eat loads. Besides, I’m already fat, and I don’t want to get any bigger.”  

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