Carl Raghavan, SSC | April 15, 2020

All sorts of people in the fitness industry are quick to call themselves a coach. It’s a great way to make themselves seem more legit without going to the trouble of obtaining the qualifications. But have they really earned that title? Do they really live that lifestyle? What is a “coach,” anyway? Maybe they’re really a cheerleader, or a consultant? Do they even lift, bro?!

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Mark Rippetoe | April 12, 2020

All organizations develop a personality. Corporations, companies, non-profit organizations, restaurants, families, bands, card games – groups of people who associate with each other for any length of time eventually organize a framework for their interactions, and that framework derives from the values and ethics of the majority of the people in the group. And the personalities of the people in the group depend on the nature of the activities engaged in by the group that attracted them.

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John F Musser, SSC | April 08, 2020

Sonny opened the car door wide, worked both legs around and out of the vehicle. He grabbed the top of the door with one hand and the frame with the other and pulled himself up...

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Jim Steel | April 01, 2020

"You know what is the best part about training these kids? Seeing progress. When coaching college kids, progress can be measured by a twenty-pound gain in the bench press and more weight on the bar in general. With these kids, progress can be measured in different ways[.]"

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | March 25, 2020

"Every franchise owner that’s opened a Starting Strength Gym has already started looking for their second location or is planning to do so shortly. Every franchise owner that has yet to open their first gym has hired an SSC or is in the process of hiring one...and the number of Starting Strength Gyms is growing quickly, which means the demand for SSCs is growing too.

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