Daniel Oakes | February 05, 2020

We are clever creatures. Too clever. We can build Hadron Colliders, fly to the moon, and perform heart surgery. But when it comes to applying our cleverness to our own Philosophically problematic psyches, everything goes downhill faster than you can say, “I am envious of my Dad's dick. Because Freud said so.” As if that's the only explanation necessary.

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Andrew Lewis | January 29, 2020

Most flat benches sold are between 16 and 20 inches tall. A short-legged person may find that they are not able to effectively plant their feet during the bench press and create a tight arch in the upper back –  both of which are desirable. The anterior pelvic tilt created by their short legs might also cause lumbar overextension, and consequently low-back pain.

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Mark Rippetoe | January 08, 2020

"Like any medication that has the power to alter physiology, barbell training must be administered with attention paid to dosing – the amount and the schedule. It's damned hard to kill yourself with barbell training, and you'd have to be ignoring a lot of things if you ever even got close, but it's easy to get carried away and do too much, too often, with too much weight. The price paid is not death, but wasted time and potential." 

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