Nick Klemetson, SSC | September 20, 2017

"Obese trainees have more than likely already been living a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in a low base of strength to begin with. On the positive side, beginning at such a low baseline allows for quick increases in strength from the very beginning. If they are not able to initially perform full barbell exercises, many available options will allow them to begin building the strength they need"

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Nick D'Agostino, SSC | September 13, 2017

If a sport’s performance has a strength component, then training for that sport will evolve over time, driven by competition within the sport, to include strength training. This is true regardless of how deeply embedded within the mythology of the sport is the belief that muscles and strength are bad things. Eventually a rogue individual will come along who, unafraid to challenge the status quo, creates a paradigm shift in training for that sport because of his stronger and more powerful performance. For golf this pioneer was Tiger Woods.

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Mark Rippetoe | September 03, 2017

스트렝스 훈련은 요즘 많이 알려져 있다.  게다가 사람들이 뚜렷한 목적을 가지고 운동 프로그램에 접근하는 것이 좋다는 것을 깨달으면서 스트렝스 훈련은 더욱 알려지고 있다. 강해진다는 것은 유용하며, 그것은 더 나은 선택이다. 게다가 강해진다는 것은 더 좋아 보이기 까지 한다.  강해진다는 것은 단순한 과정이다.  전에 들던 무게보다 조금 더 무겁게 드는 것. 그리고 이 과정을 가능한 오래, 계속하는 것이 전부다.

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Mark Rippetoe | August 27, 2017

Yo nací en 1956. Eso ya me hace “viejo¨. Es garantizado que hoy en día estoy bastante aporreado. Tengo mi buen repertorio de lesiones, el resultado de haber vivido una vida activa sin cuidados al aire libre, sobre caballos, motocicletas, bicicletas y en el campo de la competencia. La gente de mi edad que no ha pasado sus años en una silla tiene una acumulación de dolores y molestias, y la gran parte de estas fueron obtenidas por el camino difícil. Y para nosotros, aporreados o no, la mejor forma de mantenerse en el juego es entrenando para fuerza.

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