Denis Finnegan EdD | June 28, 2023

I have been a health enthusiast for decades and recently started barbell training. I also have recently experienced some musculoskeletal issues that required medical attention. My doctor’s first response was, “Stop training with barbells.” I did not care for this response, and will explain more on this later. However, this experience did raise the question about barbell training and the safety for seniors. I did some research and will summarize what I have learned.

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Jim Steel | June 27, 2023

Where I grew up in Maryland, back in the '70s and '80s, football and basketball were king, and baseball was an afterthought, something you played when it wasn’t football or basketball season. So my friends and I played baseball for the Adelphi Boys and Girls Club in the late spring and early summer to kill some time before the “important” sports were played...

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Daniel Oakes | June 14, 2023

Let's think like true adults for a minute about something that's all over the news: Ukraine. most of us reading this don't live in Ukraine, so do any of us really know what's going on over there? When I took a minute to think earnestly, I realized that I actually have no idea what's happening in Ukraine...

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