Mia Inman, PhD, SSC | July 31, 2019

While the alternate grip improves the lifter’s ability to hold onto the bar and complete the lift, there are disadvantages to this technique. One disadvantage is the asymmetry that is introduced at the shoulders...[and] there is a tendency of the supine hand to drift away from the legs and forward of the mid-foot in an alternate grip deadlift...[T]his article will examine possible explanations for why it occurs and cues that might be useful for countering this tendency.

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Rebecca Fishburne, SSC | July 24, 2019

While the attitudes in the commercial gym can be frustrating at times, the cool thing about being an SSC in this setting is that I have an opportunity to translate Starting Strength for people who don’t speak the language, many of whom have never heard of it and have never even considered lifting anything heavy.

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John F Musser, SSC | July 17, 2019

Let’s go for a quick tour, there's something I want you to see. We've talked a bit about it, but it helps to lay eyes on. No, I promise, it won’t take long. We can take my truck.

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Ryan Blom | July 10, 2019

If you lift weights, you should understand the stress/recovery/adaptation process. Your body will go through it whether you understand it or not. Squats and deadlifts don’t cause you to get big and strong, recovering from them does. However, your muscles aren’t the only thing that is changing and adapting; it’s all of you – physically, mentally and emotionally. Starting Strength changed me and made me “harder to kill” (The Red T-shirt).

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