Steve Hill, SSC and Mark Rippetoe | February 15, 2011

" the weight gets heavier, it becomes a larger percentage of the total mass of the lifter-barbell system. As it does, it becomes more critical for the weight to be over the mid-foot as closely as possible, because otherwise you will have to do one of two things: 1) you will have to counterbalance the weight by extending part of your body away from the mid-foot in the opposite direction, or 2) you will have to input a horizontal force on the bar to move the weight back to the balance point, which is hard to do well, and which we will discuss extensively..."

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Bill Starr | January 26, 2011

"The midrange of an exercise is often taken for granted. When only lighter weights are being used as is the case in many fitness programs, this doesn’t pose much of a problem since the athlete isn’t going after any demanding poundages. However, for those who are seeking a higher level of strength, the middle matters a great deal."

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Lt. Col. Ryan Whittemore | January 20, 2011

"At present, passing the APFT and meeting body composition standards is either left up to the individual Soldier to do in any way the Soldier wants to do it, or the Soldier is forced to conduct a PT program designed by his immediate supervisors.  In either case, the wrong people are doing the program design.  This is where the Army shortchanges PT, and for some reason does not treat it in the same way as other combat-essential tasks."

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Bill Starr | December 23, 2010

"An exercise consists of three parts: start, middle, and finish. I’m often asked which of the three is the most important in terms of making a heavy attempt on one of the primary movements. The answer is all three play critical roles, but the start has the greatest influence on the outcome when doing a lift with a heavy poundage."

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Jim Moser | December 17, 2010

"I had been Olympic Weightlifting about three years when I got the idea to drive to York Barbell to see if I could find what Tommy Suggs so rightly refers to as the X-Factor. I had heard all the legendary stories about the York Gym from my coach, mentor, and friend Bill Starr..."

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