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Tom Bailey | January 12, 2022

Before I found the Starting Strength program, I was a runner and basketball player, with the resulting sore knees consistently limiting what I intended to do. I expected the same knee soreness or worse when I began to low-bar squat in middle age as part of my Novice Linear Progression. I was surprised that my knees felt great as my squats progressed through my NLP.

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Andrew Lewis, SSC | October 13, 2021

In June of 2018, I wrote an article about strength training and depression. Rip and I talked after I submitted the article, and I got my testosterone checked as a result...I didn't think I needed testosterone treatment, because I had improved mentally a lot over the last two years, but I wanted to check just to know.

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Daniel Oakes | September 01, 2021

If it's reasonable and progressive to allow “transwomen” to play women's sports and “transmen” to play men's sports, wouldn't it also be reasonable and progressive to drop the sex/gender divide altogether and allow everyone to participate as human beings – outright total freedom among the sexes and genders (sexes and genders that wouldn't even be worth acknowledging anymore)? 

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Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | December 02, 2020

"The major risk factors for inguinal hernia are male sex, increasing age, and family history. The risk of sustaining an inguinal hernia increases consistently over time, from about 0.25% in late adolescence to about 4% at the end of the seventh decade of life. This corresponds to the gradual weakening of the abdominal wall with aging, particularly in untrained individuals."

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Andrea Signor | September 15, 2020

At 12, my doctors diagnosed me with scoliosis. I had a 36-degree curvature in my lumbar spine and a 15-degree curvature in my thoracic spine – a classic “S” curve. For 23-hours per day for five years I wore a plastic back brace that went from my armpits to my hips to help correct the curve.

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