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The phrase “Starting Strength” (SS) has two distinct meanings.

The first is the title of the best-selling book, Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe.

The second is the Starting Strength Novice Program. (aka the “Starting Strength Linear Progression”)

While the program appears in the book, the book itself is much more than simply a description of the Novice program. Starting Strength provides an in-depth, thorough analysis of the five primary barbell lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench Press, and Power Clean/Power Snatch. Correct form is derived through analysis and application of functional anatomy, biomechanics, and physics. How to utilize this correct form is then distilled into easy to follow instructions that make the complexities of the lifts as easy to execute as possible.

Why do Starting Strength?

Developed from Mark Rippetoe’s many decades of coaching, Starting Strength allows beginners to make strength gains very quickly.

The Starting Strength Program is the best program for a Novice to develop the strength that will serve as the basis for all future training as well as increase performance in life and sports. Developed by Mark Rippetoe and refined over decades of experience coaching thousands of trainees, the SS Program allows trainees to make faster strength gains during their first serious period of training than any other program.

The Starting Strength Program is an appropriate place to start for nearly all trainees new to serious strength training. Whether the long term goal is powerlifting, general health and fitness, or training for sport, the SS Program will provide the training base necessary to succeed and excel at any and all of those endeavors.

The SS Program’s beauty is its simplicity. You need only perform and master 5 basic barbell exercises, plus chin-ups, to complete this program. It is cost effective for those who prefer to purchase their own equipment and work out at home. It is also time efficient, since you don’t need to perform a lot of isolation or assistance work.

What if I'm Not a Novice?

For those who've already developed the basic lifts past the novice phase, paying attention to The Lifts - Starting Strength (the book) and other resources - remains important for technique and coaching development.

More advanced lifters can continue to make strength gains by using programs matched to their level. Practical Programming for Strength Training addresses exercise physiology and program construction in more detail, with many approaches and examples to help drive continued strength improvements. The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40 contains additional modifications for and guidance for older lifters.

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