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Starting Strength Coach Will Morris

Starting Strength Coaches have demonstrated the ability to apply efficient mechanical analysis based on the Moment Model of Barbell Training and to adequately coach the Starting Strength method.

Candidates for the Starting Strength Coach credential are evaluated in practical sessions at Starting Strength Seminar Events. Those who demonstrate ability to coach the movements must also pass a written exam which further tests their knowledge, experience, and application.

Coaching requires practice and experience and cannot be mastered through a weekend exposure. For more on coaching and the development of this ability, see: (Article) | A Theoretical Approach to the Coach's Cue — (Video) | The Coaching Eye

Starting Strength Coach Cassi Niemann


  • Foundational Texts
  • Training Experience: Effective coaching requires personal familiarity with the movements you will coach. Time under the bar is essential. Successful SSC candidates typically have progressed through late novice and into the intermediate stage.
  • Coaching Experience: There is no substitute for coaching experience. The ability to see and correct movement in real time requires practice and confidence. Working with lifters of varied experience, athleticism and backgrounds will develop both your skills and your ability to effectively interact with a range of trainees.

Start with by reading The Path to the Starting Strength Coach Credential for specific advice on the recommendations above. 

Looking for perspectives from those who've been through it? Read the article Becoming a Starting Strength Coach.  Also see How to Become a Starting Strength Coach in the Forums and the Starting Strength Channel Episode #7 and Episode #12

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Starting Strength Coach David Abdemoulaie


Platform: At Starting Strength Seminars, the staff evaluates each candidate on their ability to demonstrate basic competence in each lift as well as to effectively coach each movement. Coaching ability is evaluated according to the criteria discussed in the coaching lecture at the start of the course:

  • Understanding of the model of the lift
  • Use of the teaching method
  • Ability to identify deviations from the model and provide direct, concise, appropriately-timed and prioritized cues to effectively correct movement errors in real time.

Written exam: An essay exam is distributed to those who have completed the Seminar course and passed the platform performance evaluation. The essay exam tests the ability of the attendee to integrate an understanding of the theoretical model on which the Starting Strength method is based, basic physiology and anatomy, and strength training programming. Course material, foundational texts, general science, as well as practical experience are sources which the attendee is expected to draw on to provide detailed answers to each essay question.

Starting Strength Coach Rori Alter

Maintenance of Certification

The SS Coach credential expires 2 years after the year of certification. Renewal requires that Coaches meet biannual education and coaching practice requirements. The MOC program is designed to ensure that SSC is actively coaching, is current with updates to coaching theory and practice, and contributes and participates in the SSCA community.

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