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Brodie Butland

Brodie M. Butland, J.D., B.Sc., Starting Strength Coach, and all-around Awesome Dude is an attorney with the law firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, which provides legal services for clients throughout the United States. He counsels clients in various business matters, including commercial litigation, trade secrets, business contracts, products liability, and wage and hour issues, and has significant experience in appellate litigation. He also has written and presented extensively on legal matters. He earned the Starting Strength Coach credential in August 2012.

After Brodie removes his “S” cape after an honest day of fighting for justice, he endeavors to keep his squat, deadlift, and bench press among the highest for attorneys in northeast Ohio. Which is a lot like the 2007 Cleveland Browns’ endeavor to being the best Browns team since 1999.

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