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emily socolinsky cueing back position
jay mund teaching the squat
training the press at fivex3 training
diego socolinsky coaches the pull
training the squat at fivex3 training
fivex3 training gym
training the squat at fivex3

FiveX3 Training, a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym, is a performance training facility for those who want more out of their training. Founded in June 2011, our no-nonsense environment and personalized attention create an atmosphere where hard work and progress happen everyday. Using tried and true methods of strength and conditioning, clients receive individualized programming, coaching and nutritional tips to help them achieve their goals. This is not a spa. This is not a club. This is a place where people feel good about themselves, because they are improving themselves. No frills. No gimmicks. Just real work and real results. At FiveX3 Training, strength is our mission. When you are stronger, you feel better. When you are stronger, you look better. When you are stronger, you are better.

Fivex3 Training
4015 Foster Ave, Suite 200
Baltimore MD 21224



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