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Woodmere Fitness Club is a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym on Long Island, NY. In our Starting Strength program, we offer small group coaching for men and women, both beginners and seasoned lifters alike. We are home to state-of-the-art lifting racks from Rogue installed over custom platforms. We have ample Starting Strength and B&R barbells with an array of bumper plates for macro- and micro-loading. For conditioning augmentation, we have a host of essential equipment: prowlers, sleds, treadmills, and rowers.

Woodmere Fitness Club prides itself on providing a comfortable training milieu for multi-generational lifters, where grandparents train alongside their children and grandchildren.

WFC hosts Starting Strength training camps, seminars and multiple strength lifting competitions throughout the year. 

We offer a 90-minute Introduction to Barbells session where lifters can work with a Starting Strength coach to receive programming assistance and technical help with all of the basic barbell lifts.

Woodmere Fitness Club
1040 Broadway Avenue 
Woodmere NY 11598     

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