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Mark Rippetoe with Nick Delgadillo | February 16, 2016

A packed Ask Rip in which we discuss the strongest individual Rip has ever witnessed, whether a hamstring pull is a terminal condition, how and when Rip met Bill Starr, what data novices should track, and incredibly important appearance advice.  

Mark Rippetoe with Nick Delgadillo | February 09, 2016

Rip discusses the development of Starting Strength, the future of powerlifting, and overtraining in this episode of Ask Rip. 

Mark Rippetoe with Tom Campitelli | February 02, 2016

Tom Campitelli joins Ask Rip to deliver hard hitting questions on cannibalism and the classic film, The Last Picture Show.

Mark Rippetoe with John Petrizzo | January 26, 2016

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Starting Strength Coach John Petrizzo joins the podcast to discuss his work in the field of physical therapy - a profession rife with silly bullshit.  Dr. Petrizzo also gives us his tips on surviving a snowpocalypse after receiving a dire prediction from Rip.

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