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April 11, 2016

  • Starting Strength and research into dementia: Dr. Peter Davies and Rip. Stay tuned for important developments.

peter davies and mark rippetoe

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Under the Bar

bre campbell getting stronger Bre Campbell, a 13 year old and 90 lb gifted athlete, uses heavy barbell training at WFAC to improve her performance in track events. [photo courtesy of Tom Campitelli]
david hahn pin squat David Hahn with a 295 lb pin squat. [photo courtesy of David Hahn]
laura deadlift 155 Laurie Hougentogler pulls 155 lbs for an easy set of five; her second son is due in June. [photo courtesy of Nicholas Racculia]
nana squatting 127.5 Angie "Nana" Racculia drives out of the hole on her fifth set of 127.5 lb. squats. Bodyweight+ squats for sets across - not bad for a grandmother of three. [photo courtesy of Eva Kunkel]
strength training calculation Motivational quotes from Mark Rippetoe posted on wall ($0.50); old rack from craigslist & home-made platform (~$200); my wife, Michele, starting week #13 of her linear progression squatting #162.5x3x5 (priceless!). [photo courtesy of Bryan Bulmann]
brent carter programming lecture Brent presents Programming at the April Starting Strength Seminar in Brooklyn, NY. [photo courtesy of Inna Koppel]
steve racking the clean Steve practicing the rack [photo courtesy of Feral Fitness]
anne deadlift training Newcomer Anne Mulloy deadlifts 115 lbs. for a set of six (one extra for the camera). [photo courtesy of Nicholas Racculia]
nina shrugs into the press Nia Morrison shrugs at the top of her 105 lb press. [photo courtesy of Nicholas Racculia]
mark back rehab Mark Cosby learns to sets his back and pull light weights effectively and without pain to rehab his back at the recent Starting Strength Pulling Camp in Winston, GA. [photo courtesy of Steve Hill]

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Best of the Week

Correct Program for Sufferer of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and colitis, two types of inflammatory bowel disease. It is very hard for me to consume more than 2000 calories per day, and I also have trouble digesting large amounts of protein. To put it simply, I can't stick to the type of diet your recommend. I feel that pushing myself on the program without the correct diet would burn me out and be counter-productive.

I know your program is called Starting Strength, but do you think I could just complete the exercises using lighter weights and/or different reps? Simply doing the exercises to keep myself in shape? Or, if I can't stick to your diet and program should I look to another workout? I realize that in that instance 'I wouldn't be doing the program' but I'm just desperate to take part whatever way my body is able for.

I feel very frustrated because I really want to do Starting Strength. I've bought your book and watched your videos and your whole approach to exercise and lifestyle really appeals to me and how I carry myself in other parts of my life. Unfortunately my body is letting me down!


I have had Colitis for 13 years. Been hospitalized several times in the mid 2000s. Taken every pill. At one point I weighed about 135lbs at 5'10". I was around 140lbs when I started the program. Yes, it is very difficult at first, but as my squat increased, guess what. The symptoms started to reduce. As broscience as this may sound, squatting will shock your body into total repair mode. Training turned my life around. Before and after pics would amaze you.

You just have to experiment with food until you find things you can tolerate to get your calories up. I use a lot of peanut butter, which is very easy to digest and doesn't irritate me. I spread it on apples bananas etc. Papaya fruit are excellent for colitis. ON Whey is very agreeable, and of course lactose free whole milk; TITRATE UP, bit by bit.

Most important is getting out of the victim mindset. Trust me this will hold you back more than anything. There is a VERY important mental element to Colitis. Fight like hell, take control of whatever you can in your life and work towards goals. I would rather die trying than be cooped up indoors feeling sorry for myself. If you accept you are ill, you will be forever. This is your chance to build immense character or stay down.

Today I'm around 170lbs and am going to hit 181lbs with decent body comp within 10 months, and then compete. I pull 400lbs+, squat 300lbs+ and bench 200lbs+, anytime. I do not look ill or even feel unwell in the slightest, even though there is always some inflammation, I feel great. Before the program, I was an unemployed weakling who couldn't get work or a girlfriend etc. After, I was able to return to college, get a 1st class Econ degree, and now have to turn down jobs.

Jared Nessland

Crohn's patient here too. Avoiding getting stuck in a victim mentality is the most important thing that has been said. And your post reads like this to a T.

  1. Don't be a victim.
  2. Find a good doctor and meds that work.
  3. Find a diet that works and remove foods that trigger you.
  4. Realize there will be set backs when flares occur. You have to be able to mentally handle these. This will become a non-planned deload week or two.
  5. Be very, very careful while training if ever put on prednisone (personal experience).
  6. Don't be a victim.

Best of the Forum

Ibuprofen Protocol
Joe Tandy

I had a few questions about this intervention.

Which injuries are treated with this approach? So far I've compiled: chronic back injuries, knee-tendinitis, elbow tendinitis, AC joint issues like bursitis.

What medical conditions should make trainees think twice about using the protocol? All I can think of is those with a history of stomach ulcers, low kidney function.

Is there anything else? What if, say, they have asymptomatic polycystic kidneys? Diabetes? Smokes two packs a day?

And the protocol is 4 x 800mg for 7-10 days?

I've used this intervention for tennis elbow, just wanted to know more about it. I ask here because it's the only place I've seen recommend more then the GP/packet-suggestion of ibuprofen (3-4x 400mg here in Aus)

Mark Rippetoe

It's 800mg QID x 5 days. Don't do this more than 5 days. If you smoke 2 packs a day, hurry up and die. I don't know about polycystic kidneys, and I don't know why a person with type II couldn't do this for 5 days.


800 mg ibuprofen for short-term use is a pretty standard dose if you walk into the emergency room with something minor. I got that script from a dentist for an impacted wisdom tooth even though it wasn't giving me any pain.

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