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April 16, 2018

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  • Mark Rippetoe reads his article on bodyfat, strength, and age – Age and Bodyfat.

In the Trenches

geneva rowe 48 kg press
Geneva Rowe presses 48 kg for a PR at the Omaha Strengthlifting Challenge this past weekend. [photo courtesy of Testify Strength & Conditioning]
ross hamilton 182 kg deadlift
Ross Hamilton pulls 182 kg and breaks the 400 lb mark at the Omaha Strengthlifting Challenge. [photo courtesy of Testify Strength & Conditioning]
jonathon sullivan and crystal riner
Jonathon Sullivan and Crystal Riner at the 5th Annual Senior Festival on April 12th, 2018 where Dr. Sullivan gave a talk on strength training to 300 attendees including members of the senior community, law enforcement officials from multiple jurisdictions, representatives from VA State Senator Jill Vogel’s Office and the VA Attorney General’s Office, multiple senior citizen centers and a variety of service providers to the elderly.

Meet Results

2018 Omaha Strengthlifting Challenge

Best of the Week

Starting Strength Certification and Coaching in Retirement

I am a 65 year old high school teacher and cross country coach who is planning to retire in two years. I have recently started the SS program and am very impressed with every aspect of the platform. Since my better half won't let me "retire" when I leave the school system, I am looking for some other activity to keep me going, generate some supplemental income and especially help other people improve their lives mentally and physically.

I was wondering if it is even feasible and practical to consider getting certified as a SS coach in my late 60s. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Mark Rippetoe

Why would your age be a barrier to the SSC? You have bigger problems: The Path to the Starting Strength Credential

Anthony Sandbothe

I have a client who is going to coach at my gym when she retires from her practice as a doctor. She is 67. She went to the seminar in California a few months ago, got some friends to work with so she can get experience coaching, is reading the books, comes in a couple days to shadow me and ask question as I coach, and I give her feedback on what I see when she coaches. After about a year or 18 months of this she will go to the seminar again to test. This or something very similar is the process I would recommend if your goal is to be a SSC. Do not let your age even enter your mind. As Rip said, you have bigger problems.

Best of the Forum

Rip’s Chicken Fried Steak

Rip, I read an interview with you recently where you claimed to make a mean chicken fried steak. I, being from England, have never heard of a chicken fried "steak." What is it, and how does one make it Rip style? I need to make a few new dishes on X-mas day, and there will be Amerrycuns present.

Mark Rippetoe

It is a steak fried in a pan like a piece of chicken. Use a tenderized pork cutlet for the best flavor, or beef if you prefer. The cutlet must be either tenderized like a cube steak or beaten with a meat hammer. Salt and pepper the steak, roll it in flour, dip the rolled steak in a batter made of egg and milk, then roll it again in flour. Fry it in a heavy skillet in a half-inch of bacon grease, fairly hot, turning it only once when brown. It is traditionally served with cream gravy made with the drippings in the pan. I have made it for friends in the UK, to a warm reception.

Starting Strength Weekly Report

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